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JoAnn Rachor

REVISED 2016 Includes many recipes never before dreamed of doing in a slow cooker.  300 low fat, cholesterol-free recipes. 40 full color photographs. Recipes designed to fit most any size cooker. Simple, yet perfect, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, cooked cereals, breads and rolls, chowders and soups. Delicious lasagna, macaroni & cheese, loaves, barbecued meatballs, scalloped potatoes, date bars, sweet rolls, apple crumble crisp, brownies. Tips for adapting favorite recipes. Time saving tips. Meat & dairy-free. Wide range of tips and techniques for successful results. Wire binding, 8 1/2x11, 144 pp. ISBN 978-1-878726-26-1 

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Fast Cooking in a Slow Cooker Every Day of the Year REVISED 2016

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